How to improve

“It helped me a great deal to understand that it is impossible to #improve what you can’t measure and you can’t measure without comparison. And that means without things being better or worse nobody could possibly do better or even be okay. So on that idea… be careful what you wish for I say. Meaning… on one side of the coin we want disturbing behaviour to be a thing of the past, but on the other hand if every man and his dog were to be so beautifully perfectly brilliant in your eyes… Your imperfections by comparison will probably become your very own worse nightmare.

See, if comparison is key to improving… and taking for granted you want to improve, you’ll want to be on the brighter side of everything and that’s where our selfish uncomfortable dis-eased thinking comes into play… Meaning somebody or something has got to be worse off for you to look and feel okay. On the other hand by comparison while we look the other way, we’ll recognise that somebody else appears to be doing absolutely amazing… but the idea that they were doing well only come about because we just observed something or someone else that wasn’t doing so clever. And now perhaps we’ve seen a better way we get to feel like shit, but that’s amazing too. See, that feeling that we don’t like because we’ve observed something or someone that we’re not happy about… is the driving force to progress and do amazingly better ourselves. That’s evolution and the great thing is… Both what appeared to be good and bad observations left clues in how to better advance and without them we wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

I guess your now thinking for everything to be fair maybe everything should be the same, but you know that would create chaos yeah. Yes if absolutely everything was the same we’d be back to the no comparison life which introduces the inability to measure, which in turn introduces no #improvement, and therefore no advancement. And now nobody can improve or advance with anything whatsoever… stagnatingly boring turns up with the negative emotion to create a world that’s not worthwhile… Yes without what appears to be good and bad the world of worthless is born.”

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