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Recovery Coaching – An Alternative to Rehab.

The missing ingredient from Rehabrehab

Rehab – has become almost a fashionable word for TV stars, Celebrities Actors, and Showbiz types.
Amy Winehouse even had a hit single with rehab in the title.

Rehab is short for rehabilitation, of course.

What does rehabilitation really mean for an alcoholic?

I like the following definition from Oxford languages:

“The action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after imprisonment, addiction, or illness.”

The keyword in that definition is normal life.

Rehab should prepare the addict to live a ‘normal’ life in the real world.

The whole point of rehab is to provide a respite from the real world.

When he or she goes back to the outside world, their recovery often disintegrates.


So how successful are rehabs, really?

A recent study showed between 40% and 60% of people relapse within 30 days of leaving an in-patient drug & alcohol center with 85% relapsing within their first year.
These are staggering statistics when you consider how much rehab costs.

The truth is the rehab model has a fundamental flaw, which is that the positives associated with rehab treatments are also its biggest negatives.

These are some features of rehab that are positives

  • A cocooned environment – This disappears the moment you leave?
  • Surrounded by like-minded people with a common purpose -this is great, but what happens when you leave and these people are no longer around for support?
  • Help on hand 24hrs & support -The 24hr support finishes once you step outside.
  • A multitude of therapy approaches – How do you know which one will suit you? Or work for you?
Undoubtedly, rehabs have some benefits, but……….

Why do so many people relapse so soon after attending rehabs?

Unfortunately, the very things that are positive for rehabs become negative when a person leaves.

My experience working with people post-rehab has shown me that the following are common reasons someone relapses;

  • Loss of support – people often feel abandoned after leaving rehab – they are now alone facing the same issues as before.
  • They still have a mental obsession with alcohol– they still think the same way. They have the same thoughts – same emotions- same feelings – same actions – same personality, the same reality.
  • They still face the same issues they struggled with in the first place – difficult relationships – finances – the same habits – the same environment – the same outside world.
  • They have not changed spiritually. They still harbour old resentments- bitterness-self pity- anger about the past or fear, anxiety and stress about their future.
  • They have not developed the emotional muscle to overcome difficulties. Read more about this here

Stopping drinking is relatively straightforward.

A medically supervised detox can achieve this.


Staying stopped is the real challenge!

This means dealing with real-life problems, stresses, and strains.

Dealing with people, relationships, family, work or employment issues, financial issues, and, of course, dealing with your own thoughts and feelings, moods and emotions.

Dealing with all the pressures you faced and used alcohol to escape from.

But now…….. With no alcohol to fall back on?

This is where Recovery Coaching can help.


So what is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery CoachingI offer a tailored package to people to bridge the gap between rehab and being back in the real world.

I support them through the tough transition back to reality.

We work on how to stay stopped and destroy the mental obsession to drink once and for all.

This gives them the tools to recover flourish physically, mentally and emotionally, and spiritually with everything life throws at me without the need for alcohol!

This is where I often see phenomenal changes in people.

The same people who were with no hope and literally at the end of their tether:

  • Lose their mental obsession with alcohol
  • Create a new life with newfound confidence, knowing they are recovering.
  • Develop new ways of thinking both about themselves and other people.
  • Change from an old personality – old reality to a new personality and new reality and create the future they always wanted.

I also work with some people who decide that rehab isn’t for them.

I work with people as individuals. I intuitively decide what will work best for them and adjust their support plan accordingly.


Many people have a ‘successful’ stay in rehab, become sober, stay sober and leave.

Thus, from the rehab’s point of view, the visit and treatment were successful and can act as proof that their methods and system ‘works’.

After leaving rehab, many people relapse within weeks or even days afterward.

Stopping drinking for a time is relatively easy – staying stopped is the key.

Staying stopped is the whole point of recovery coaching.

I offer a solution to this scenario that has worked so well for so many people. ( Read some of their comments HERE)

Help is at hand – Grab a coffee and please get in touch – chat to someone who has been exactly where you are now.














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