Emotional Muscle - Rehab

The missing ingredient from Rehab

Why growing your emotional muscles helps prevent relapses

The missing ingredient from Rehab


Having personally experienced and collectively understood, the following intelligence must be considered for recovery to commence… Over many years life’s problems and painful situations surfaced. And just as we were about to feel the full force of that connected negative emotion to coincide with what ever was going on in life, we escaped that pain by using alcohol or something alike-“Analgesic”


Little did we know… that while we anaesthetised ourselves over many years byway of introducing a state of controlled, temporary loss of sensation or awareness. We at the very same time were depriving ourselves from developing the emotional muscle and skill set to overcome life’s difficulties in future. And what I mean by that is… if somebody takes a drink every time they’re in pain for twenty years, and then they decide to stop drinking all together at the age of 35, then they are very likely to have the emotional muscle of a 15yr old. Now that’s a massive problem, emotionally 15 with the responsibility of a 35yr old chaotic life.


So from my collective experience and baring in mind what I’ve just explained, what I’m about to share is the main reason why so many people relapse upon leaving rehab. See, that first day back into what should be a normal environment is not normal. And why is that? Because while the rehab has kept the individual safe and protected for perhaps many months, at the very same time they continued to deprive the addict from building the necessary emotional muscle through life’s normal experiences, to go on and live confidently.


Yes the lack of emotional muscles and strength to overcome what’s waiting outside is now an even bigger problem. I guess this analogy is fit for purpose… Okay, let’s say we don’t like school too much on a day to day basis, but after the six weeks summer holiday, things seem so much worse, yes now we absolutely hate the idea of the first day back in school, it’s 10 times worse, yeah?


Well, that’s what it’s like stepping out of rehab to face the music, yes there’s mountains to climb for the un-exercised emotional muscle. But what if your big brother was there with you on that first day back at school. That would take the pressure off to begin with, yeah? That could keep you away from needing the Dutch courage to go on… the strength or confidence gained from drinking alcohol I mean. Yes with your big brother there not to do the day for you, not to protect you from the situations that are going to make you stronger. But to support you, to give you the tried and tested methods to overcome what you fear, to help you navigate and practice for yourself breaking through. Can you imagine momentarily building that confidence until such a time that you no longer needed him… That you can now do life successfully without any kind of crutch… Well, that’s what I do, I do life with you until you don’t and won’t need me.


You’ll be proud to know… that you know how to do life without tuning out… that you can withstand the strongest of storm’s. You’ll be happy to experience the painless thats on the other side of pain… the fearless that’s on the other side of fear… you’ll be happy to be you, and that’s the key to leaving any addiction behind.

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